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Birthdays ~ Anniversaries ~ Baby Showers ~ Bridal Showers ~ Weddings ~ Graduations ~ Repasts ~ Engagements ~ Receptions ~ Sip & Paints ~ Cocktail Party's ~ Happy Hours ~ Family Reunions 

and more!

What if you  could have the amazing event without all the work?







Invitations, budgets, food, entertainment, decor, parking, valet, venues, oh my! It can be incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming to pull together a successful event. Fortunately for you, it's what we live for! Help us understand what you would like to achieve, and then allow us to expertly coordinate all elements of your event. By working closely with valued and reliable professional partners, we will make sure your event comes together like a dream.

layout & Decor

Layout and decor help set the tone for an event. While you may not know exactly what you want, you probably do know how you want your event to "feel". Just consider us your event liaison and leave all things aesthetic in our very capable hands! We will communicate with our partners - and/or your venue - to create a cohesive and compelling visual statement. Let us know what you envision, and watch us bring it to life.


Food can take up a large chunk of your budget and leave your guests ecstatic or underwhelmed. With so much at stake, we make sure our caterers are the best of the best. Once your cuisine preferences have been identified, we work closely with our caterers to customize your menu and presentation. Whether you desire full-service or drop-off service, we promise to deliver.




Your event is only as good as the team you have working it. Our wait staff are professionally trained to handle all types of banquet and catering styles of service. They will set up, serve and break down your event per your request. Additionally, our wait staff are experts at preparing tables, table tops, buffets and formal types of table service. Bars and glassware are available upon request. 


Selecting the right venue for your event can save you time, money and a lot of headaches. For a large group, picking someplace with ample parking is essential. If you desire something picturesque but have a smaller budget, selecting a smaller venue or an already curated space is the best option. When you opt to have FGM Events source your venue, you can be confident that all aspects of your event will be taken into consideration. We will present you with 3 ideal options, and help you take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect space.